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Looking For Nice Pair of La Scalas


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What you heard is not indicative of the CW IV. Not even close. But they do take quite a few hours to break in.


I heard the original lascalas years ago in two different rooms. The first time I was pretty impressed. My buddy bought the pair but never could recreate that magic in his room. I owned CW IIs and much later the IVs. Huge difference in performance. I now own LS IIs and from memory they are better than  earlier versions. They directly replaced the Cornwall IVs, so I know it was an upgrade there. Not huge, but still worth the cost and effort to me. Actually the cost was zero since I sold the cornwalls for the same money I bought the LS II for.


What I guess I'm saying is that if it's between the original lascalas and the CW IV, the choice becomes less clear for me. The CW IV is that good. I would suggest trying to hear a pair with at least a couple hundred hours on them in a good room. And if you are lucky, try to score a pair of LS IIs. They don't seem to come around very often though.

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