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AVR Recommendation - KP RF II Setup


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I recently purchased Klipsch RF II series. The RP-8060FA II towers x2, RP-504C II centre, RP-502S II rear speakers dipole, and RP-1400SW 14" 1000W subwoofer. I am unsure which AVR is best suited for these. I understand I'll need a minimum 7.1 AVR. I'm probably gonna look for 7.2. But beyond that I am unsure what else is important? My online research I found somewhere "Onkyo and Integra receiver integration - Onkyo and Integra’s 2021 model A/V receivers are programmed to include the precise crossover values for specific Klipsch Reference and Reference Premiere speakers, eliminating any guesswork from the user or the sometimes-arbitrary settings generated by some automatic room calibration systems. Klipsch says it should be especially easy to set up your Klipsch speakers with these A/V receivers"  Not sure if that's true? Any advice would be appreciated, thank you

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Might I suggest separates? 


The only reason is that instead of changing out receivers ever so often if you want the latest audio formats, you can just change out your processor.  All you need is a decent multi channel amp or two.


I'm not one to chase the latest formats, but I did have the change to pick up a 9.2 processor for under $500.


I recently went from an outlaw audio 976 (awesome audio processor, but a known remote volume issue!)


to an Onkyo DHC 80.3.  You can usually find them as people are dumping them for the next batch of processors with ridiculous amounts of surround channels.



I am happy with the unit so far ( about a year of use on it)

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