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Plinius SA100 - MKIII - Washington DC Metro Local Sale Only - $1,750


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I'm sure that many of you can relate that this "audiophile" hobby can be very much about churning through various audio components ---- we have all been guilty of it from time to time.

But that being said - this amplifier has been the one item of audio I have owned the longest.

I believe I purchased it around 2007 - almost 16 years ago (maybe even earlier?). That's a long time to own something in this hobby.

I have owned many other amplifiers over the same period .... but to my ears, this amp always sounded the best.

It has the brute strength of a Class A solid-state, and yet still possesses the musicality of the nice tube amplifier. It does equally well with high-efficiency systems (e.g. Oris horns, Klipschorns, JBL 4345s, etc) as well as low-efficiency (e.g., various DIY speakers I've built over the years).

I have preferred this amp over the following amps I have owned during the same period:
1) McCormack DNA 0.5 Delux
2) McCormack DNA-2
3) Eico - Rebuilt Tube-MonoBlocks
4) McIntosh 7270
5) Welborn 300B DRD
6) Krell KSA-250
7) Music Reference RM-9
😎 Bryston 2B LP
9) Don Allen 1626
10) Baldwin Tube Amplifiers
11) others?

I had listed it back in 2016 - but decided to back out after not being able to find a better replacement.

There is just something special specifically about the MKIII version of this amp - just take a look at reviews on audioreview.com, or other forums.

But now I am at a point when I will be simplifying my system.

It is in excellent condition and has performed flawlessly, without a single hiccup, in my almost 16+ years of ownership.

I don't know what is a fair price, but I don't think you will do much better than this amp at my asking price of $1,750 - and I'd like to stay firm on that price for now.

Due to the size and weight - I am listing this amp for local Washington DC metro area sale only..

Feel free to PM if you have any questions.


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