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Cornwall iii or Heresy iv for my room?


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When people say female vocals they nearly always mean high and smooth like Eva Cassidy.  However there's plenty of Susan Tedeschi's out there.  Cornwall 3's aren't very good for lower and gruffy female vocals such as Susan Tedeschi.  Sounds very bloated, the box coloration adds some midbass that should not be there.  It just does.  Sorry.  Get the Heresy or if possible save up for Forte 4.  The new Cornwall 4's are leaps and bounds more accurate on material like this as compared to the 3's.  Even Stevie Ray Vaughn's bluesy guitar sounds overly bloated on Cornwall 3.  About the only material I liked more than other speakers was things with a playful bass guitar with vocals that aren't too low.  Sublime was super fun on them for example, it just exaggerated the bass guitar a little, not much else.  Tedeschi Trucks Band is a different story.  

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