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Snowed In


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Yeah, today is  Thursday and we're essentially still snowed in.


I took most of the month of December off (I hit all my work goals in August/Sept).  I DID work three days during the last week of December for some specific reasons....  went back Tusday after New Years.


Running hard, having a bunch of meetings right out of the gate and have twice the number of meetings as my next colleague (nationwide I might add)  Then, door slams shut.....  stupid snowmageddon happens.  Fortunately the guy filling my Propane came monday DURING the snow but got here early.  Now I'm full of Propane, ready.


Only issue is, I'm heading to schools this week and don't you know, they cancelled school for the entire week.  Not only that, the big roads have been cleared.  The side roads are still full of snow.....and I don't live on a side road.  I live a level or two UNDER a side road.  Snow on our road is still looking to be 8-9 inches deep.


Fortunately, I'm now off for the rest of the week......sun is currently out so that will thaw some things and maybe warm up the pavement a little.....because on Monday, not only am I back at it but not going to a local school....Monday I have to drive 2-hours into another (further north) snowmageddon location.


I'm So looking forward to spring and HAVE been since maybe last September!!



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