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Hamilton (OH) 'Mini Circus' .... bunch of elementary kids having a fantastic childhood


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I was part of this cadre of elementary school age criminals!  Staying after school to practice routines, arriving BEFORE school to ride our unicycles....


The pictures obviously can't show the deep impact this had but it was such a special experience.  We travelled across several states.  Ohio (where we lived) Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana.  I think one summer (while I exiled to a boys camp in Ely Minnesota) they went to Florida and performed with the Walenda's.


Had two different appearances in the Indianapolis 500 parade..... I rode a 10' unicycle in one of them and a 'bedstead' bike in another (something akin to a iron pipe 'headboard' for a bed, converted into a bike that HAD to keep moving as I couldn't touch the ground lest I fall over)


Memory says we had as young as 3rd graders and up to 6th graders...there were a couple guys who went on to Jr. High BUT came back as they were the anchors for the trapeze and were bigger/stronger than us punky 5/6 graders  lol.


Bunches of pictures and at least one maybe two videos.


I was given a picture by Mr. Smith (director of the group).  There were five of us in the picture.  Decades later (10/15 years ago) all 5 of us were together at a class reunion and took another picture of us all side by side.


Really a shame that other people and kids today can't experience what we went through.


Attached pic is during actual Indy 500 parade.  Pardon my appearance.  I apparently self identified as a leopard??  (Thanks Mom!)

Mini Circus0081.jpg

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