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New to Klipsch, need help to setup Dolby Atmos speakers

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Hello all,


This is my first time using Klipsch speakers and first time setting up something this advanced.


I recently purchased the speakers below from Crutchfield;


RP-8060 FA (2x) - Floor Standing

RP-600C (1x) - Center 

RP-600M (2x) - Surround

RP-1600SW (1x) - Subwoofer


My receiver is a Yamaha - RX-A6A 9.2 Channel


The fronts and the surrounds have the ability to be bi-wired. The fronts also have the Dolby Atmos speakers on top. 


Just wondering about how to wire everything up so it works correctly. 


Pretty easy to figure out the subwoofer and the center channel but how would I go about wiring the fronts and the surrounds? 


Would I Bi-wire the fronts and attach them to the Front connections then wire the Atmos speakers to the Front Presence? 

Same with the rears, would I Bi-wire these and attach them to the rear connections?


Any help would be much appreciated.

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Bi-wiring wouldn't get you anything.  Especially on an AVR.


Just use the jumpers and run one set of cables from the speakers to the terminals.  You'll run your rears to the rear surround (or side surround) terminals, and the atmos to the height terminals.

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