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Impression on Oldchen K3 KT88 amplifier


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Why the Oldchen, ask my 4 y/o grandson, lol.  The rest is history.  I have previously owned a tub hybrid amp and two EL 34 amps.  The previous amps were the Yqin 2100, and the 13S respectively.  I like all of the amps but, the hybird amp was to much like SS.  The EL 34's were excellent: clear highs, good tight bass and plenty of headroom. It was time to try a 300B or KT88.


I only use digital media and wanted a streaming source and HiFi audio. After reading up  on both types of amps, I thought the KT 88 would better suit my living space due to the added power over most 300B amps. I have had good luck with my other amps and decided on the Oldchen K3 KT88 BT.

It is a push-pull amp capable of 45 watts in class A and can be push up to  a round 90 watt.  The amp came with Psvane KT 88 X4 and CV 181 tubes.


Initial impression was that the amp looked and felt well built.  Nice gold binding post with a 4 and 8 ohm connector for the speakers and 3 analog inputs..I replace the stock tubes with Shuguang black treasure CV 181z in the preamp and Shuguang black treasure KT 88z.  The KT88 has a nice warm low end and detailed midrange.  The Hi's are not has pronounced, or bright compared to my EL 34 amps.  Realism describes the presentation with good imaging and crystal clear music.  This is a very budget friendly amp that easily qualifies as a good Hi Fi tube amp for home use.




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