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Shanling EH3 preamp DAC + ET3 transport - filter choice

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Good Day, kindly asking for help, for optimisation of my DAC filter?


I have reads pages and pages of explanation on DAC filter choice on many DAC, and after reading 10 pages, the reply/answer always is: "personnel choice of the listener (kindly saying shut up in other word)".  Most of the evaluation are done sometimes without any information on the possibility of choosing DAC filtering. So why REGA bother gaving choice of filter?

So I am puzzle. At least, I was expecting the reviewer to write about his choice filtering and wrote about the personal choice filtering.


So base on your try and learning, what are the more accurate sound you could get in choice of filtering on ESS sabre DAC? and the one produce the less ear fatigue?

ESS - ES9039pro chip -  from https://en.shanling.com/product/440


a) Minimum phase

b) Linear phase apodizing

c) Linear phase fast roll off

d) Linear phase slow roll off

e) Minimum phase fast roll off

f) minimum phase slow roll off

g) minimum phase slow roll off low dispersion

h)They sound all the same, it is snake oil for sale...!


So in term of sound experience (your choice):


- Who is the warmest sound?

- Who produce the less ear fatigue?

- Who is the more accurate?


Thanks and best regards all

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Btw, IIS (I2S) very good! ET3+EH3, for Tidal, it is one song at a time, hoping a solution soon for streaming with them....!

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On 4/11/2024 at 6:17 PM, Schu said:

this review has presets descriptions... But it's still Personal Choice...



And thank you, at least this revue was instructive and help understand and dig where it matters


so in fact:

- only 2 choices Minimum (Natural emphasis) or Linear (Accuracy emphasis), the rest is only variation of those two!


also, i learn that for me, 784 Khz, does a better and smoother sound, could not explain, but OK with me!


so personal choice is, you should listen for yourself!



just kidding, minimum phase for me, with sometimes slow roll off variation!

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