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Info on Klipsch Cornwall Loudspeaker System

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Hello, my uncle passed away and i have inherited his old Klipsch speakers. I was wanting to get information on them such as what year they were made etc. I do not intend to sell them, but would be curious if anyone knows what they would be valued at. The serial numbers for both are 9P411 and 9P412. Thanks for all your help.

I am Not sure how to attach an image but the information on the back of the speaker is as follows:


“Cornwall Loudspeaker System

Type: C-WO

Serial: 9P411

Klipsch loudspeakers are protected by one or more of the following Patents:








Canada 434,947 and pending application.

KLIPSCHORN, K-HORN, BELLE KLIPSCH, LA SCALA, CORNWALL, HERESY, SHORT HORN, and PWK logo are registered trademarks owned exclusively by KLIPSCH AND ASSOCIATES, INC. Use of any of these trademarks in reference to loudspeakers not made by us is a violation of our trademarks and registrations and of United States patent law.

INSPECTED: Bob Hamilton

TESTED: NW Bradford




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Cornwall Serial numbers  9P411 and 9P412. were Made in 1976 with Alnico V magnets for the K77 tweeter and the K-55V midrange driver +  a Ferrite magnet for the K-33 woofer , the mids and tweeter horns are metal /aluminium , the crossover is the B network , the cabinets are birch/fur plywood with Walnut oiled veneer , value is 1500$ or 2000$ if in mint condition with the klipsch PWK pie badges or copper badges and grilles ,the speaker risers were optional for 1976 .

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