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Finding the Right Receiver

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I have a pair of Heritage Klipsch La Scala and a pair of Heritage Klipsch Chorus speakers I bought while over seas serving in the U.S. ARMY back 86 to 89. 
I'm looking for a good receiver that can drive my speakers. I prefer Marantz, and seek one that pushes between 100-150 continuous watts per channel, seeking 5 channel to run both pair of speakers plus my powered subwoofer, I have CD player and Phono as well. what can you recomend me getting please ?My Name is John 

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Welcome to the Forum, John. I wouldn't worry about the wpc/power situation as much as what you want in the preamp. Regardless, I've been running mid-upper level Denon AVRs for Movies and Multichannel audio for over 2 decades, with this last one going on 12 years of almost nightly usage. 😎 


I hope someone gives you some recommendations, but my advice is find a slightly discontinued mid level Marantz and enjoy. {Note: Several reasons you don't need to worry about power: 1) You have efficient speakers. 2) The lowerend taxing frequencies you'll be sending to the subwoofer. }

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