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RF-3II bi-wiring - newbie


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I recently aquired a pair of RF-3IIs and now have the option of bi-wiring. I am using a HK 3370 receiver that supports 2 pairs of speakers. Can I run speakers A to feed the upper range and B to feed the woofers? Can I expect to hear any difference? Is this even advisable?

Any help or comments are appreciated.



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Technically you can, it won't hurt your RF3 make sure you take out the jumpers before you do it. In terms of better detail or clarity, that will be depending on your ears, some people say there's a difference and others say its just the same. But of course everyone here uses all kinds of amps so every one has their own opinion and listening preferences. For short bud, its up to you to judge, what ever floats your boat.

Note: I hope you're aware that you are trying to bi-amp through a receiver. True bi-amping is having two separate amps with an outboard crossover not using the one in the speaker.

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I agree, what you are trying to do is closer to bi-amping then bi-wiring. Personally, I'd go buy a pair of bi-wires from your local av store and just run them off the one speaker output. Like it was said though, make sure you remove the jumper.

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