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Got a RC3 II? Tell me if you hear this...


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I catch this horrible noise that comes from my center RC3 II. Can you check this out too and tell me if it is my speaker or if it is in the soundtrack of the movie. I can't tell for sure. I also haven't noticed it in other movies.

DVD Star Wars Episode II

Chapter 3 Return to Coruscant

Time 00:02:29 to 00:02:30

After the guy says "We are making our final approach to Coruscant" and when the ship passes under, I hear a "gritty/harsh" distorted sound from the center. I think it is on the movie this way, but I would love to hear from some more owners so I am not worrying myself over nothing.15.gif

Thanks in advance for the help and extra effort in this one!!

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Thanks Vladi,

I knew it was a stab in the dark to find someone willing, with the speaker, and the DVD to try that out. Again I appreciate it.

Another note about that passage, I noticed it when I was playing loud, but then tried it lower and still there...if not on the DVD, I wonder if the RC3 II may have a problem w/that freq??

I hope that you find it too so I can just be angry at the mastering group at Lucas Film 9.gif

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1.gif sweat sweat...whew

I can pull myself together now, thanks guys for the help. I was worried that I might have to send back a speaker.

I guess it isn't a bad thing when your ref's are so clear you complain about the movies effects2.gif

Back to the Matrix I...6.gif and bruins stop tempting me to try out some 7's, I am still recovering from the SVS buy.

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