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Heresy II versus KG 4


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Has anyone ever had a chance to compare these two products? Which do you like better and why? I mightbe able to score some Heresy II's for not many duckets, but they would replace my KG 4's, which I am very fond of. Unfortunatley, I will not have a chance to do a side by side demo before purchase.

Thanks for any help.

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Whell - Welll, I've heard both in my house, and they are really different animals. The KG-4, for its size, is a tremendous speaker with nice bass. It is a 2-way speaker.

The Heresy has a totally different sound - quite a bit more open, and "big." As a 3-way speaker, I think it has a "cleaner" sound, as well. However, the bass probably isn't as deep.

I'd say go for the Heresy's, and keep the KG-4's if you have them.


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I worked part time at a shop that sold klipsch when I was in college and both the Heresy and kg4 were available.

If you like the sound of the kg4 and it has to be either/or (you can't keep both) then make sure you take a listen to the Heresy first before switching. They aren't even close in the way they sound.

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Thanks to all for your responses. Sounds like the Heresy's for the more "open sound". I'll be giving them a try, and delay selling the KG-4's as long as I can until I'm sure I'm getting what I want out of the Heresy's.

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