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Granting your ears sight........


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There I was having just finished setting up my own system to the best sound I have ever heard in my house.

Heresy 2's, Accuphase E211, Marantz 6000 CD player, mogami interconnects, silver speaker cables.

This may not seem to be god's gift to music to those of you with expensive audiophile systems but to me, with a long history of cheapo systems behind my this was fantastic sound. Truely being there.

Then, as always happens, I heard another system. A long time audiophile friend has probably the ultimate stereo.

KlipschHorns (and not your normal ones either - the 50th anniversary specials), Accuphase E407, some Pioneer CD player and, unknown to me, cabling.

This is music for the Gods. No mere mortal should subject his ears to this and attempt to return to the normality of any other system.

Huge, stadium filling sound. Ella Fitzgerald with a 12 foot head. Precision in both staging and tone. Not just reality (being there) but zoomed in on reality, better than reality.

Dvorjak's New World symphony encompassing your entire body. Kettle drums reverberating through you with a strength and clarity unmatchable in a normal Concert hall. A lone French Horn. Its refrain echoing through you via more than just your ears.

This is truely a total body experience.

Switch music completely. Prince, Dire Straits, Jazz, Michael Jackson, The Doors.....It makes no difference. All music is welcome here. All music soars to the stratosphere of hearing. Sit where you like - the staging won't change. Move room and you would swear there were speakers there even as the music bounces off the walls, down corridors and into your tympanic membranes and thence to your soul.

Its worse, in that I can hear the family resemblance. These play much like the Heresey's - just so much bigger and better. This is a Ferrari 308 Vs an F50. Everything my system does is done bigger better and faster, and oh, the sweetness of the base.

I have heard bassy systems before (and hated them - which is why I went for Heresy's in the first place). This has more bass than any of them but never at the expense of the mids and highs. Perfect Balance.

Everything else is just pretending.

Imagine you are listening to a full orchestral piece with place mats in your hands. On each mat is the name of an instrument, not just the instrument but the number - for example 1st Violin, 2nd Violin etc.

This is the only system that I have ever come across where you could place each in its exact 3 dimensional space with full confidence, the only system where you hear not only the a piano's music but a pianist's hands as they move across the keys.

My words fail me. It is Music that pulsates through my brain now as it has done for the 4 days that have past since my ears were granted vision.

Even as I listen to my own system I hear that one (a benefit of the family resemblence I imagine).

If I can arrange a weekly visit I may never need to upgrade....

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Well, Max, You've spoken well and have described my experience with K-horns perfectly. I have La Scalas and 2 subwoofers in an attempt to achieve the same thing in a room not designed for "The Horns." I get close. The experience of hearing the music in the room, without speakers, is the reason Klipsch speakers exist.


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Max,loved your post.I know the feeling.I have owned many different Klipsch speakers over the years.Love my K-Horns like no other.Found some Heresy's for my bed room because I spend time in here too.They are just for music,but have 5.1 HT in here as well.Would gladly sell them if I can ever find some Cornwalls.

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Well thank you all for the complimentary feedback. I'm afraid it has gone to my head and I have posted an actual poem. That should slow the process of my head growing to the size of Ella Fitzgerald's on the KHorns anyway.

Regards all

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Maxg, your opening post on this thread is one of the truly eloquent high points of this board. With any system, it is what happens between the ears that really counts... and that's exactly what you wrote about. I did it for the "newbys" and to remind all of us who keep tweaking that... once in a while we should stop to hear the roses.

I'd tip my hat to you but the Smiley seems to be stuck. Hat.gif HornEd

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