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What upgrades can I get for my system?


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I have a Klipsch Quintet Home Theatre System with a Klipsch KSW-12 sub and an Onkyo TS 575X-(B) receiver. My DVD player is a Sony 560D and the TV is a Sony Trinitron 32"

I know very little about audio.

I'm newly aware that DTS is 6.1 channels. How would I make my 5.1 system into 6.1? What kind of 6th speaker would I need and where would it go on the back of my receiver?

I've noticed I still have room for 2 speakers under 'SPEAKERS B.' What kind of speakers would you fellows recommend for here?

Thanks a bunch!

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Hi Porche,

I hate to say it but your SOL. The model is strictly 5.1(non upgradeable), the 2 speaker selectors you have (A & B)are for front speakers(back panel hook up for 4). The difference is under "A" you can listen to surround mode or select multi-channel input, but under "B" you can't use surround mode, if you try (switch from A to B)it will shut off(cancel), thus it's used for 2 channel and sub I believe. You can hook up 4 front speakers but can only use 2 of them at any given time. If you want to move up Receivers to the DS787 for example it puts out 130W X 6 and has pre outs for 7.1 channel future.

I was going to go with the Onkyo DS787 then the Integra 7.1 for 6.1 channel and future 7.1 considerations. I finally decided on the Marantz SR18EX A\V Receiver.



La Scala's (August 2001 Biggrin.gif )

C7(Hersey's to replace in 2002 for 6.1 and future 7.1)

Adcom ACE-515 Enhancer

2-Marantz MA700 amps(Khorns)

Marantz SR18EX A\V Receiver

Marantz DV3100 DVD

Marantz VM5100 S-VHS hifi

Marantz CD4050 dual casette

Marantz DR4160 3 disk carousel with single tray CDR

Toshiba 50HX70 HDTV

DVDO Iscan V2(line doubler)

PS. You have come to the right place to learn about audio, there are ALOT of great people here who will help you out if you have questions, and the info you can pick up in the forums is priceless. As a novice I have truly learned alot here. Mind you, lost sometimes with the Techno lingo that flies around from forum to forum.

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Porsche - Actually, DTS is 5.1 AND/OR 6.1. There is regular DTS at 5.1 and DTS ES at 6.1. Most of the DTS material out there now is 5.1, but alot of the new stuff is coming out at 6.1.

The 6.1 means that there is another discrete (uniquely recorded) channel which is the rear center channel. To play it, you need a DTS decoder that can handle 6.1 (which your Onkyo, along with almost everyone else's receiver, doesn't do). There are some new models out that have that decoding built in.

Bottom line - You can play DTS right now (5.1) with what you have. If you want to upgrade to 6.1, you need either a new receiver or an external decoder (some people have created pseudo-6.1 using an old Dolby Pro Logic receiver on the rear channels). Until you get that taken care of, you don't need any more speakers! Smile.gif


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Thanks guys!

Yeah, I read up on Onkyo's website last night, and found out about Dolby II and such.

Yep - I'll just have to live with these babies for now (which is good for my quarters)!

Are the Klipsch KG4's a good speaker? And what would they go for used?


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Just to follow up on what Boomer said:

"the 2 speaker selectors you have (A & B)are for front speakers(back panel hook up for 4). The difference is under "A" you can listen to surround mode or select multi-channel input, but under "B" you can't use surround mode"

I am not sure if this is a specific "feature" of this receiver. It certainly did not apply to the old Yamaha 595a that I used to have. I ran that system with the quintets, the ksw 10 and an extra pair of KSF 3.1 monitors. The KSF monitors were on Speaker A and a pair of the Qunitets were on Speaker B (they complemented each other remarkably well).

Running this setup allowed all the speakers to play simultaneously under Dolby 5.1/DTS and both fronts played under stereo with the sub.

Actually I did hit a problem with the centre channel being drowned out so as a quick fix I took the RCA output for the centre and ran that through the TV speakers to boost the Quintets centre. That gave me 11 speakers in all (3 on the TV) with everything on!

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You make an interesting point.

I was thinking that myself.

By selecting both A and B on my Onkyo receiver, this will have them both on, and I could hook up another set of fronts.

So I could have my Quintet's on Speakers A and some other pair under Speakers B. You're right though, the Center may be drowned out, so I would probably need to upgrade it (depending on the type of speakers I had for my 2nd fronts).

What's everyone else think? I believe my Onkyo will do this.


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