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  1. My condolences to you and your family.
  2. The Hana SL is a very nice LOMC cartridge at a decent price. I’ve been using one on my Gold Note Mediterraneao table for almost a year now and love it. At least until I upgrade to a Kiseki or Kotseu cartridge.
  3. boomer9911


    You are so right, I love how mine sounds stand alone. Have you got a WC22 for it? (wood case). You can find them on the net for $100-200, that would be a nice cosmetic touch if you plan on keeping it for awhile and decide not to sell it or it enhances the price abit to, a lot of guys are looking for the Receivers..BUT...want the wood case for it(part # WC22). This is my beast with the wood cabinet.
  4. I have a pr of 2000 LaScla's and was going to upgrade the tweeters from the K-77's to the CT120's. My question, does anyone know if the LaScala's from that time(2000) HAVE "Z brackets" for the tweeter? My LaScala's are in their boxes and storage at this time , so kind of hard for me to check. I thought one of the brilliant minds in this place might know. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the post, just received my SB-2000 as well. My plan is using it in 2.1, with my LaScala's(or soon to be Cornwall III's), Rega RP40 - 40th Anniversary turntable, CR Electronic Design - Carmenta Tube Preamplifier, and Dynaco Mark III mono tube amps, plus a Marantz SA8004 SACD player, until September, to be replaced with the pre-ordered Marantz 40th Anniversary SA-KI Ruby SACD player...now there is a sweet piece. What's your opinion of using them for strictly music? Anyone else have an opinion on how musical the sub is? When I called SVS this was the subwoofer the tech had recommended "musicically" to match with my LaScala's, no recommendation on dual subs. I do run dual Polk psw125's for HT. Anyone running their 2000 in 2.2 music mode?
  6. My condolences to you about your loss, you came to the right place for help. There is a hockey sock full of people here that can help you out, and highly probable someone here will purchase them from you, this place is like family in a lot of ways....GLWYS.
  7. boomer9911


    Nice piece, I own a (76)2275 myself and love it. Marantz was sure solid back in the 70's under Saul's vision.....GLWYS.
  8. boomer9911


    I've heard the Cornwall's many moons ago, and in fact I haven't even heard the Cornwall III's(just reading opinions here and reviews), and going by the Klipsch name plus being an owner of Khorns, LaScala's and Hersey II's. I had a hard time trying to stay away from this deal, and then the Dealer posted another ad with price drop, and I yanked on that hook 🐠
  9. boomer9911


    Thanks.....I royally lucked in, been stalking this 1 for over a month now...lol...and my apologizes, thought I had wished you luck, GLWYS brother.....been away and have posted for awhile...slipping....😱
  10. boomer9911


    Thanks for posting the price, I've got the opportunity to pull the trigger on a new pair of cherry Cornwall III's for $1900 US up here in Canada, and now don't have to weigh this issue anymore about the purchase....*cheers**
  11. I saw a picture many moons ago that had PWK in it, with Khorns and an Adcom GFA 555, it made me laugh as I had my Khorns in 93 powered with an Adcom GFA limited edition 585 SS amp and knew I had something right. My understanding is he admired the original Adcom SS and "made in the USA quality"..... I use Marantz gear with my Heritage and have for many years....Sauls not around but someone is doing it right IMO....
  12. Agreed...sounds like the whole amp board needs to be pulled...
  13. Hi TG and welcome to the Klipsch forum. I believe you have posted your question to the wrong forum, this is 2 channel home audio, you questions lies with computer audio, You may wanna try the Klipsch General Questions Forum or the Personal Music Forum....for you answers.
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