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What do you think?

Mr. G

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Please comment my system, any changes for improvement?

Thershold SA/3

Threshold FET nine

VPI HW-19 / SME Serie IV / Grado Signature TLZ

Rotel RCD 971

Nakamichi CR 2A

Klipsch Forte

Speaker Cable: SonicLink AST200

Interconnect: Audioquest (Amp-Pre.) / Nordost Solar Wind (CD) / Monster Interlink 400 (Tape)

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Kind of depends. What dont you like on your current setup? Where do you want to go? How much do you want to spend?

Are the Forte's standard? - there are many tweaks out there if you are into that sort of thing.


Do you like your current sound - Afterall if it works - dont fix it.

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what! no sub-woofer?

consider adding one or two to get the most from your music and your movies

I would also look into dampening your cabinet to reduce the jitter from your CD player, then look at power conditioners to reduce the noise floor ...

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I Would like to improve soundstage and depth of my Forte, The ProAC Supertower seem to have more depth than the Forte. How can I rearrange my listening room to improve the sound? I also attach layout of my listening room for you guy to rearrange for me.

Thank You

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