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Heresy or Heresy II Pricing

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I'm a bit confused by the information in the products section of the website regarding the Heresy series.

This link appears to detail the Heresy speaker with an MSRP of $770. I was under the impression that the Heresy I was out of production. Is this incorrect?


This link shows the Heresy II with msrp of 1098.00. Is the Heresy I being returned to production or has the MSRP of the HII be lowered?

Heresy II


Well, the copy and pasting of the links didn't work right. If you follow the navigation tree on the left through the heritage link to the Heresy link, you see the MSRP of $770 on the Heresy model.

If you you click on the heritage link in the nav tree you get the Heritage line sub page with a link to the Heresy II which shows an MSRP of $1098.00



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Your right the Klipsch Heresy was discontinued and replaced by the Heresy II. The MSRP of $770 reflects the price of the Heresy, in its last year of production 1985. Klipsch provides this information on all there discontinued (classic) products. We klipsch fanatics demand it. Smile.gifSmash.gif I believe $1098 is the current MSRP for a pair of Heresy II.

Joe T

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Guest JimG

The pull-down menu on the left was incorrectly pulling the page for the long-discontinued Heresy I. The rest of the site pulls the correct page of Heresy II...the current model. We are making the correction today. Thanks for the heads up about the mistake. Sorry for any confusion.


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