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I think my v.2-400 speakers are angry

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I am having a pletora of problems with these things(and they are only like 4 months old)

-Ocasionally especially when watching DVD's the sound will crackle(especially during times with lots of bass)

-The static noise in the front speakers is noticeably louder then the back(if I switch the cables then the back is the loud one)

-Fairly often the sound in the front right speaker will fail and I have to pull out my computer and jiggle the cord for it to come back

-Sometimes the front speakers will start exhibiting some really bizzare sounds that they shouldn't

I have made sure all the connections are tight and everything but am still having problems.

Are my speakers just shot or what? Frown.gif

I got a replacement plan from best buy in the chance that this would happen, but I was reading it and it says coverage is limited to $200(they were 250). So did best buy screw me over or has anyone else been able to return them to best buy?

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I'm having the same crackling problem as you. I mostly notice when there's a lot of bass present in videogames, but it's been cropping up everywhere.

I've only had mine for about 9 months and this is really troubling me. I can live with the static sound when you turn the knob, but this is too much to tolerate from $250 speakers =[

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THe input going into the speakers is too loud, turn down the volume before it goes into the speaker jack.

check this in your manual. I had the same problem , turned down the volume before it got to the speakers and then turn the speakers up loud.. everything should be fine.

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