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cable & rf3


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Originally posted by gawd:

im gonna buy a pair of rf3 next week , and im wondering which cable to use... and should i use bi-wiring ? im totally new to this , just bought my first stereo last month heh



Avoid the charlatons and their exotic yet unproven cables. Instead, go to Home Depot and get their 30 cent/ft 12 gauge wire. You can then experiment with biwiring to see if you hear a reliable difference. I'm not sure you will though.

Put your hard earned bucks towards a better amp and/or cd player.

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I would agree with Discorules, though I totally disagree with his name.. LOL

All the slick advertising and hype the cable folks spout is just that... slick hype. There is small differences between cable. Note the operative word here, small.

Speaker placement will overshadow any subtle differences in cable.

As for biwiring, try it out. Just make sure to get the length in the biwire cable that you create, as close to exactly equal on both runs as possible.

Have fun and enjoy your RF-3's I owned them now for over 1.5 years and I love them to death. Every night I thank my lucky stars for the sales rep that introduced me to Klipsch.cwm35.gif

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