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Which one first?


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I'm a fellow horn lover like you gents.I fell in love with the Klipsch sound in a pawn shop.It was a pair of Kg1.2s who i fell for.4 months later it was the ol Heresy who did the trick.I tell you fellows i was in heaven.I told my wife that was the end of my journey.

Little did i know a man i call Frank.Truthfully it was what my brother called my speaker because of its appearance.I'm talking about the brute force of the Forte'II.The sound is so slamming to the eardrum when i gave it 11:00.I mated them with the TFM 35x i won off Ebay and boy do they rock!Back to the question at hand.Do i skip Chorus'II s and go straight for Khorns?

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Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. Did I say yes? Don't delay. Just do it!!!!!!! You know you will anyway. LOL


Sony Trinitron 27" TV

Yamaha RX-V1000

JVC HR-S3800 Super VHS VCR

Sony DVP-S530D DVD Player

Sony Tape

Sony CDP-CE345 Cd player

RF-3 Main

Monster m1.4 Biwire Cables

RC-3 Center

SS-1 Rear

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Considering your professed status as a horn devotee, if you've got the room for them, then go for the k-horns. If your room is questionable, then I'd recommend either belles or la scalas.

"Be horny and happy."



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