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RSW 15 or svs pb2+?


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"20-30 people in a dorm room"

Yup, evidently you guys didn't go to or visit a school that had decent parties :) 20 people was the norm, I remember getting written up once for having 50 people in a 3 person room. Comfortable? Not really. Fun, and LOUD, yup.

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On 3/13/2004 4:29:07 PM Jay481985 wrote:

I like my box subwoofers! sorry i'm not a fan of cylinders and i want the absolute best subwoofer for price 1200 and down. And i don't mind the size of the sub


SVS does have box sub. PB1ISD is the one as I mentioned 9.gif . Don't worry about it doesn't power up your room, I've asked for bigger room and the SVS tech told me that it is more than enough, people can't turn the volume up in PB2ISD. Altho it's like the lowest end model in their box sub..... the baby is still 79pounds 9.gif wait it is heavier than 10years old boy 14.gif

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I did not say it was not possible..20-30 people. Heck I am sure people sitting in the lofts...on the couch under them..everyone else standing and a few getting nooky in the closet maybe. (Giving you the benfit of the doubt and no basketball or football sized people.) I was always partial to cheerleader body sized women anyhow. My point is this, you have no way of seeing a HT movie...unless it is way up in a corner..and no way people will stand in basic silence for 2-3 hrs too watching The Matrix or any other flick...LOL.

Now, sneak a keg of beer into your room..fastest 20-30 people at 11 pm on a friday or saturday night you will ever find as best friends. LOL Just good luck keeping the noise down as your playing Outkast "Hey Ya.." at a decent volume and everyone needs to return their "borrowed beer" to the urinal ..LOL.

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