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  1. horns are great if you can tolerate a what could otherwise pass as full size refrigerator in your living room. The THT is 36 cubic feet or more than 20 RSW-10's.....I'm sure any subwoofer would be better with 20 times the volume, give the op a break will ya...If box size is no issue, of course performance can increase dramatically. Tapped horns also might be a bit more efficient in the low end compared to standard horns, but they also give you huge peaks in the upper bass as much as 10dB swings which are simply not easily EQ-able. You can also port or vent the rear chamber of a standard horn to get another reflex resonator and added low end output - Klipsch actually did a lot of design around that awhile ago.
  2. Jay, new TC VMP's will be avail in Dec. EP4000 is a solid choice, I couldnt conceive of a better amp for the money - it is however a re-badged 2500, but its still a great amp. I forget what cone color you have, but if its black, i would go with a gloss white finish and wet sand between coats.
  3. 007

    w00t, im back!

    ya, i just found my old avatar too, funny how things work out! ya, lets troll the PM section and teach the nubs a lesson... problem is all my pro medias broke They dont make em like they used to Jay. PC speakers utterly suck now days. I gave my RSX's away to former klispch employee... oh the irony, sadly i'm without PC speakers now. I think im gonna design some mini linesources using custom planars like the old monsoons. Problem is those only were good for about 1k, then they rolled off and canceled out below that. I'm gonna make mine a little woofer and seal em up so i dont have that dipole effect. I really really want a pro media subwoofer again! Best sub of all times!
  4. 007

    w00t, im back!

    ya, feel like i just got out of the slammer! I posted a pic here 4 years back that was not appropriate for mid-west folk.....lets just say things are more liberal here in californa, but thats OK, whats done is done, and im back.
  5. ie. unbanned who missed me?
  6. Ok problem #2, metal and wood have different MOE's so if you plan on building it a cool environment, then using it in a hot one, it will loosen up. problem #3, resonance of the strings may color the sound.
  7. I think the main problem here is wires stretch out, its only a matter of time. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
  8. We got two more and I sold them within 30 minutes of eachother (400 each) Amy where are my spiffs ;p
  9. RF-83....Its got to be a 3-way for sure. EDIT: I'd like to try a 3-way
  10. I was disappointed because I thought this thread was going to be a sneak peek of Amy. har har har...
  11. I'm going to put Morel's in my car with a McIntosh amp and head unit. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> http://www.morelusa.com/prices/ren.html
  12. curious why at least the pb12-ultra/2 was neglected... perhaps size is an issue?
  13. I think at least the remote firmware and/or circuit board has been changed to prolong battery life.
  14. B15 or for that price, Twin KW-120's and the KA-1000.
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