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Pure Silver Sound IC


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I just bought a new 2 channel system to keep me going until I move out of the house. Have not heard my Klipsch system (KLF 20's) in about 6 weeks.

I grabbed my Parasound HCA1500A amp on the way out (long story) and all my CD's. I am living with a friend who thought listening to cd's thru a dvd player using a 15 year old TV was great.

I bought a Parasound PLD1100 Pre-amp and a TDQ1600 tuner. I wanted to get a pair of RB-5's, but no one in town had a pair and I will never buy another pair of speakers without listening to them first. I miss my HORN's. The speakers I bought will be just fine for the bedroom, but not the main listening room.

I ordered a Rega Planet 2000 CD player that should be here next week.

My question is has anyone heard Pure Silver Sound interconnect's before. They have gotten great reviews on audio review, but I was hoping someone on the BB has heard a pair. I will use them between the CD player and the pre-amp. I want to try silver wire.

The web site is www.puresilversound.com

Thanks for any help.


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Let me rephrase the question.

Has any tried silver wire interconnects over copper?

I think silver is a better conductor than copper, but will it make a difference in sound stage,etc. If this pan's out I would like to try silver speaker wire in the future.


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