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Stupid newbie question


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I have a JVC DVD player with a built in Digital Dolby Decoder, and Built in DTS Decoder. It has the following outputs: 5.1-Channel analog outputs; Coaxial digital outputs for PCM, Dolby Digital and DTS; and Optical digital outputs for PCM, Dolby Digital and DTS.

The player itself is awesome but I want to get the sound benefit of home theater system. I do not want to spend too much money (under $600) and do not care if I have a totally earth shaking sound. But I do want good quality.

I believe that I have some advantage in that I do not have to rely on another component to do Dolby and DTS decoding for me and was wondering if I can get away with something as simple as a Promedia 5.1?

Any help woulld be appreciated.




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Martin - Let me ask a clarifying question -- Are you thinking about just connecting the JVC directly to the Promedia system, to avoid buying an amp/receiver?

We can also better answer your question if we know how big a room you are trying to fill. The ProMedias are designed for a fairly small listening area (like the immediate vicinity of your PC Smile.gif), and may not have the fullness of sound you might want for your room.

Try posting this question in both the Home Theater and Pro Media forums for more attention, also.


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