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Amp for new Klipsch system


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I've been researching various HT options for the past few months (including lurking around this place!), and well, what can I say - I just ordered a Klipsch system!!!

Managed to listen to KLF-20's in my listening room (16x24) and they were fantastic! Since then, I've had the chance to hear KLF-20's and RF-5's side by side. Overall, I liked the KLF-20's better - and with the close-out prices, they can't be beat!!!

(Maybe this testing was moot, since I had planned to get either the KLF30 if I went with Legends, or the RF-7s if I went reference).

So, I just ordered the KLF-30's for my front, KLF C-7 for center, and had expected to get the KLF-10's for the rears, but they were all gone - so I got a pair of KLF-20's for the rear!!

Now, the question is what do I drive them with?? I had planned on going with the Marantz SR-19EX. Then I thought I'd upgrade to the Marantz AV-9000/MM-9000 separates. But then I'd seen so many convincing reviews of the Denon AVR-5800 (audioreview.com, stereophile, and SoundStage Reviewers choice). I'm confused!!

I'm currently expecting to use the system 75% for music, 25% HT. I'm looking for something to 'mellow' out the brightness of the horns. Don't get me wrong - I love the in-your-face nature of the Klipsch, but I don't want to increase it with the electronics...



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dh, i a-b'd the marantz sr8000 vs the denon 3801 w/ klf-30s & went w/ the sr because of that more mellow, tube/seperates-like sound w/ the horns. but that was me. can't really go wrong w/ the 19 or 18ex or the 5800, but try to a-b them w/ at least 1 pair of klf-30s.

same w/ seperates if possible but my feeling there is that these receivers like the above seem to do

as well as seps these days.


Klipsch KLF 30 (front), KLF C-7, Cornwall I (rear)

Velodyne HGS-18 sub woofer

Monsterbass 400 sub interconnect & Monster CX-2 biwire & Z1 cable

Marantz SR-8000 receiver

Sony DVP-C650D 5-disk cd/dvd player

Sony Trinitron 27" stereo tv

Toshiba hi-fi stereo vcr

Technics dual cassette deck

Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2000 digital cable box

Boa's Listenin Lounge:

Klipsch RF-3 (front), RC-3, cheap little Technics (rear)

Monster MCX Biwires

Sony STR-DE935 a/v receiver

Kenwood KR-9600 AM/FM stereo receiver (vintage 1975)

Russound AB-2 receiver switch to RF-3

Teac PD-D1200 5-disk cd changer

Technics SL-1950 turntable/AT LS500 cartridge

Sega Genesis game player

Sub: None yet

rock on!

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