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AV Receiver HELP...sound cutting in and out?


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ever heard of this?

my denon (with 2 months left on the warranty..whew) will have this problem only 2 of my inputs (satallite and VCR) the CD player and DVD player are unaffected.

here is what it does.

on dolby pro II and DTS neo, the sound will cut from normal, to almost nothing randomly (as if it was a bad cable connection) imagine a news anchorman talking, everything is normal, then all of a sudden, jam a wad of toilet paper into your RC3/RC7 center's grills and cut almost all the sound to your mains.

very annoying. so when this annomaly occurs, if you switch to DVD or CD, the sound is normal --- or if you switch to stereo, direct, 5-ch simulated, or other modes--it is normal.

so i checked and swapped the cables around and it still has the problem.

here is what i worry about...if i slide my fingers under the back of the amp and gently lift up, i can make the problem come and go as i please. also a light tapping on the top of the AVR causes the problem to come and go.

SO, what do yall think? sounds like a repair to me, unless i am missing something.

thanks in advance!!

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i called them and the suggested that i contact denon for a RA # to return the amp, this way it would save me from driving 1.5 hours just to pay them to ship it off.

i don't think they will do a swap as the new model of AVR has come out since i bought this older one.

i don't think it is the RCA jacks as it only does the problem in DD and DTS NEO. if i switch to any other mode, the output is fine.

thanks for the suggestion, anyone else? i forgot to call denon today 8.gif

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i am pretty sure it isn't in the VCR or satallite output as the problem just started the other day. the chances that both units that are hooked up to the AVR seperatly going bad are slim.

also, if it was a bad output in the auxillary equipment, pressing up on the bottlom panel/floor of the AVR would not make the sound come and go.

thanks anyway for that suggestion, the more i noodle this in my head, the more it looks like i will be boxing this thing up. i guess i will see tomorrow when i call denon.

just odd that an AVR would do this under 2 years old. i paid enough for that AVR, figured it would last a while. hopefully i just have a fluke AVR that can be fixed...or maybe i will get the newer model 9.gif

anyone heard of denon's AVR's commonly going south? i had not.

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if it remains only 2 month before the end of the waranty send your a/v receiver to get repair.you should not hesitate too much.

i don t think they will give you a brand new receiver.

but the receiver you ll get will work.

if you try to fiw the problem your self it can take some time and once the waranty will be finished the only solution left will be to buy a new receiver.

so make up your mind quickly

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yep, not going to try a fix on my own. i called and found out that all i have to do is take it to a repair center (30 min away) and drop it off. nice.

i dread unhooking all those cables...ugh. even worse, i will be forced to listen to sound emitting from my TV!! 15.gif

the denon tech said it sounds like a bad ground inside the AVR somewhere. said it would be relatively easy to find. i hope easy and quick.

thanks again for the thoughts! i'll post back when i get it back.

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