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Vintage Cornwalls (circa 1970) still for sale!

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I have received several replies regarding the pair of Cornwalls I have for sale. There have also been some questions which I will try to answer to clarify their description:

The finish is walnut.

The grille cloth is a black weave (original).

The components are all original.

The horns are vertically mounted.

The speakers are a mirrored matched pair, as originally purchased, with the Klipsch emblems indicating their physical orientation. This permitted the owner to "reverse" the speakers if they were to be used in a horizontal, rather than vertical configuration.

The speakers are housed in heavy-duty reinforced plywood shipping crates.

I believe I still have the original product literature which was published by Klipsch at that time.

The speakers were always powered by McIntosh electronics, and were NEVER abused!

They were always (and still are) kept within climate/temperature controlled environments (homes).

I am located in Oviedo Florida, just outside of Orlando.

I am asking $1,000 for the pair of Cornwalls...the purchaser to be responsible for shipping, pick-up, etc.

I welcome any questions and/or dialog, either through this forum, via e-mail, or private message.

Thanks to all who have responded thus far, I hope this answers some of your asked and unasked questions.

Regards to all!



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I live in Oviedo as well and would like to take a look at them. Where are you located? I live in Whispering Woods, just off of Mitchell Hammock...



Family Room


Mitsubishi 31" TV (soon to be replaced)

Denon 4800 AVR

Panasonic DVD-A7

Dual CS-721 Turntable

DBX 3bx Series III Range Expander

Klipsch Epic CF-2's (mains)

Klipsch KLF-C7 (center)

Klipsch RS-3's (surrounds)

SVS 20-39CS Sub w/Samson S700 Amp

Monster HTS-3500 Line Conditioner



Yamaha M-4 Amp

Yamaha C-4 Preamp

Yamaha T-7 Tuner

Teac DVD Player

Looking for a pair of Heresy's

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