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I Want My KLF-40s!

Mr. Blorry

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OK. First I bought a luscious pair of KLF-20s, and I thought they were the cat's freakin' meow. Then, I read through this board, and auditioned KLF-30s, and decided to upgrade to them per my K dealer's upgrade policy. While I am very satisfied with my 30s, the next step in the upgrade path is the La Scalas (Sorry, Reference series), but they're a bit too pricey for right now. Yeah, they're out of production, but what if K had made a KLF 40! Same mid and tweeter setup, but a pair of FIFTEENS underneath! I think the only thing that could beat that would be the mighty K Horn itself, and even then, it would get a run for its money! C'mon, Klipsch! Satisfy my curiosity! Make me a pair of KLF 40s! Yeah!cwm4.gif

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Oh come on - think big man!

2 * 18 inch woofers (powered?), sealed unit (non of that bass reflex rubbish) with a 21" passive woofer on the rear.

Of course the box will be rather large.....probably bigger than a KHorn - but at least you wont need to put it in a corner, just a stadium!

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