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How to remove grill on Cornwall

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A narrow gauge donkey engine and a logging chain worked for me, trainmaster! cwm24.gif

Off the RR track... My Cornwall I speaker grilles are held on with sticky stuff and just need to be pried off with great care. I used a pair of non marring wooden "chopsticks."

I will probably replace the old adhesive with commercial grade Velcro from a crafts store.

Enjoy the view cwm35.gif HornEd

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All the Cornwall grills I've seen, including my own, are held on with little pieces of velcro. I remove my grills by taking a butter knife at the upper right hand corner and start prying up the grill edge until the velcro lets go and I can get my fingers behind it - then it comes right off. Be careful not to mar your veneer with the knife. I've had mine off tons of times with narry a ding.


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