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Should I go into music?


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please, download this file.

I know its a Doc.. but the mp3 file wouldnt DL correctly..

so, download it and open it in winamp or waht ever you use, and it will work.

I have been considering getting heavily into music lately.. and bought a MixMan DM2 2 dayz ago, which is waht I used to make this song. This song was done by my self and my friend Jonathan. Me on the left mixer, he was on the right mixer.


After hearing this.... would you guyz say that I should continue?

or that I suck and should give it up now while I am still ahead.


have only had MABY 10 hours experiance.. before creating this song.

Thank you.


Living Room:

Yamaha Natural Sound A-500 Stereo Amplifier

2 Klipsch Heresys on A switch

2 Fisher STV-873 on B switch

My Room:

Klipsch Pro Medias

2 Fisher Surrounds

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