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bottom line is that these ipods are paid for somehow. you get it at the expense of having to sign up for "trial offers" that get all your personal info. once your in that offer, the companies can legally call you with telemarketers, send you spam, etc.

there is no free lunch.

companies don't survive by just handing out expensive electronics, they are getting paid for "leads" to customers and "trial offers" that might turn into loyal customers. it is all marketing/sales.

if you don't mind all the above and the deal is legit...good for you.

but if you hate that crap like me...you never sign up for ANYTHING for free.

if anyone does this, please post what you find. at least then people will know what they are getting into.

as a side note, one type of pyramid scheme is you get a list of names and yours is at the bottom . you send 20 bucks to the guy at the top of the list and erase his name. then you make 10 more lists with your name and you add another persons name to the list below your name. then you mail these out to those 10 people you just added. process continues...

the premise is that one day, hundreds/thousands of people will receive a letter with your name at the top of the list and then you start getting 20 bucks in the mail by the handful...ohhhh instant riches!!

BUT WHAT REALLY HAPPENS is that only a few people are sending out these fake letters with their names on top waiting for a sucker to send them 20 bucks. they do this to names out of phone books. a few suckers do send money to them, some may even just turn around and slap their names at the top of the list too. bottom line is that they never really work, hence they are illegal in the US.

and now you know...and knowing is half the battle.

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I understand what you are saying and I agree with it. IMHO it is worth it to sign up for a free trial or AOL and then get a free ipod or $275 paypal money. If you would sign up for this under a free email account like one at yahoo the emails that might get sent to you wouldn't have to be dealt with. It is a little bit of work for a big payoff. There should also be no risk since it has already been proved that thousands of people have already done this before and gotten their free stuff.



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On 1/22/2005 8:26:04 AM T_Shomaker wrote:

I just noticed that there is now an AOL free trial on there incase anybody is interested.



Wow, your spam, *ahem* I mean post must've started to get low on the page. Have you found any suckers on this board yet? Spammer.

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"There should also be no risk since it has already been proved that thousands of people have already done this before and gotten their free stuff."

Actually, it was proven not to be a scam for one specific company. This new company you posted, I haven't seen anyone research that one in particular. Just because one place is legit and sending out rewards, doesn't make every company doing it legit.

Also the longer these links go around, the less it makes sense to participate since obviously a large percentage of people who attempt to get their free ipod by signing up will be mathematically unable to get 5 people to sign up under there name. Basically if everyone on earth cooperated to try and get as many Ipods as possible from a scheme like this, only 20% would be able to. Mathematically that means for around 80% of people it would be IMPOSSIBLE to find 5 refers, and so those 80% of people have filled out a free survey and will NEVER be able to get an Ipod. Since everyone on earth is not cooperating, the actual percentages will be much much lower.

What it all boils down to, is this is not the right place to try and recruit people for these things. Wether they are scams or not, wether they are giving out millions of prizes, this is not the correct place to spam for links.


It is against the TOS for the site you posted (http://www.mp3players4free.com) to spam referrer links in forums.

If you are reported they will cancel your acct, and you lose any referrers you have so far. So you might not want to piss people on the forum off by posting these links.

If anyone is interested, you can report people at:


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Wow I wasn't trying to spam anybody or make anybody mad I was just trying to get myself and some other people some free stuff. I have also done some research on this company and found out that they are legit.

I'm sorry if I have pissed somebody off for trying to get them some free stuff



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