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Suggestions 4 Best A/V for this Speaker set Up


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I have a question for the experts:

What would be a good A/V receiver 6.1/7.1 match for these speakers?

RF-15 fronts, RC-35 Center, (3) SS-1 surrounds and a ksw-10 SW.

I just upgraded to these speakers from a Onkyo HT-S490 HTiB 5.1 DD/DTS system. The speakers sound really good with this receiver but I am looking to move into the 6.1/7.1 surround set up.

The room is small 16'L x 10.5'W x 8'T

I am looking at a price range of 300 - 600 dollars

If anymore info is required to help me make a decision just let me know.

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The Harmon Kardon AVR series receivers are fully equipped, have 7.1 capability, well powered, and reasonably priced. I have the AVR430 (now an older model, they just updated lines) at 65W/ch ($500), and am quite happy with it driving Heritage speakers. Good luck!


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Thank you, its always good to get opinons on equipment, sometimes its hard to get out and test drive each one.. the place that sold me the speakers is stearing me to a Onkyo TX-SR702 Receiver but not to sure i want to go that route yet.

I dont want to under/over power the speakers but I would like to get the most out of them.

Had my sub for 2 years in this little room and could not have been happier when i bought it.

I will look at any suggestons posted here but hopefully i can find a good place to test drive them.

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OK not too much, but I thought I would update anyways:

I have ended up adding the Integra DTR 5.5 to complement my speaker set up

2 RF15's

1 RC-35 (Monster center channel)

1 KSW-10 SUB

3 SS-1 surround's

Is this too much speaker for a 16 x 10 room?

Now I have to figure out the whole "Large / Small" speaker thing...???

The DTR 5.5 has a setup microphone.. have to figure that out to

Thank you for the advice I could not find a place to test drive the Pioneer

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I am hijacking my thread -


How should the speakers be set? Large or small?

Anyone else running and Integra 5.5 with a simular set up?

right now I have the fronts all set to large and the surrounds set to small -

Still playing with the set up process...

I tell you what.. I have never heard a system crank like that and sound awesome in my house (first high end system I have ever owned)

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On 2/1/2005 10:24:16 AM NDIGuy wrote:

Is this too much speaker for a 16 x 10 room?


Dude, have you LOOKED at the "let's see YOUR home theater" thread Pako started?

There ain't NO SUCH THING as too much!!! 16.gif1.gif1.gif

Enjoy your new setup, and welcome to Klipsch.

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