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What Vintage of Hereseys


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I have a set of Hereseys and I'm wondering how they will match up to my others in my Theater (inprocess of building) The Hereseys are black, I bought them off of a DJ. Type HIP-2 serial 8632507.

I plan to match them with my blonde HBR - 112w413's.

I have a center channel that I was using with my KG-1's

It is a KV-1.

Not sure if I'm going to use in the room. I may, and I hate to say this here, use a set of old bose 502's :o for the rear channels. They will pack nicely into the floor joists.

If I can find one more heresey I'll have it mad.

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From the serial numbers the HBRs are 1981 models and the HIP-2s look like 1986 models. 1981 was a transition year, so I'm not sure which squawker the Heresy had in 1981. That was the last year for the K-55-V in the larger Heritage models. The HIP-2s may well be Heresy II professional models. You'll have to open them up to see what drivers are in them before most of us can say whether they will soung much like your HBRs. I'll bet they do, though.


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