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Alas, Babylon! Ultimate Electronics


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I read that Ultimate Electronics was saved from bankrupcy, by being sold. The new owner is closing over 30 stores, or about 1/2 the total number of stores. I had been circling the store over here like a buzzard, looking for road kill, but it looks like my circleing was done in vain. The store here in Tulsa was spared. Yea!, I think?

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Just remember if you buy Klipsch speakers from Ultimate Electronics and have trouble, you won't be able to go back to your local store for warranty service. Not that you should anticipate trouble with speakers, just be advised and pay accordingly. I'd expect HALF off retail price for close out merchandise.

One midwest chain, Ovation, is currently running buy one-get one free sales of RF5 towers, presumably because they're closing out that line.


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