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HEHEHE....USed dvd...

Very Dark comedy about a super disfunctional family...

Ray Ramano

Rip Torn

Hank Azaria

Debra Winger

bunch others...

Very dark dark humor...but funny....

I do not know how to explain..other than this is not for kids....and some might not like it...

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Too funny.....

Looks like the moderator has hijacked this thread!!

Zoolander is one of those movies that you love or hate. No real redeaming qualities, but great entertainment if you don't mind stupid movies once-in-a-while.

I love the coal-mining scene, and the bar scene afterwards.

The massage scene is hilarious.

Enough said.....

Shame on you, Amy.


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I'm sorry to ygmn!! I promise, I will rent Eulogy and respond intelligently to this post just to make it up to him. I hate when people hijack posts, and now I'm guilty!!

(and yes, love the coal mining scenes and the pathetic "coughing" that follows. What a mindless character for a mindless movie. Too funny.)

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