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Question on displayed volume level


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My receivers volume display starts at -80 db and goes to something I don't know; I've yet to go to the "other

side". I just haven't gone beyond a 0 level because it's just too loud, plus my apartment neighbors might not

appreciate it. So is there an industry standard on levels or does it depend on the manufacturer? Just

wondering how far in the + range this could go. My receiver is a HK AVR210 rated at only? 50/wpc in 2

channel, and speakers are Klipsch KLF-20. Thanks for any input.

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There is no standard. And I don't really think the dB markings on most attenuators has much relevance to anything, as you will notice most are not linear in operation anyway. They usually deliver most of their gain in the first half of their operating range. The markings look cool, though. cwm32.gif



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