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Between a rock and a hard place....


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Hello All

I am new to the higher end electronics sceen and would welcome some opinions. I am wanting to purchase a HT system for my newly finished basement, but I have some challanges. Here is my proposed system:

RB- 75 Fronts

RC-7 Center

Rw-12 sub

R5800c - Rears

Dennon 3805 Reciever

My challange is that I only have 18 1/2" for a front speaker (The 75's ar 20.25"). The overall room is about 11 x 20, I dont mind spending the dollars for good imaging and a clear, detailed sound; but dont want chest pounding volume. The 35's are a close fit physically, but lack the sound quality of the 75 (my opinion only).


If I lay the fronts on their sides would it really dimish the sound quality?

Is this too much for my size room?

Have any of you delt with Accoustic Sound Design? His prices are really low, maybe too low.

If I cant make the 75's work I will probably go with the Polk LSI 9's - my second choice.


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why do you only have 18.5" for your front speakers?

if you are putting bookshelf speakers into some sort of "entertainment

system" or built into the wall, it will definitely affect the way the

speakers sound.....

the best sound for almost any speaker is away from the front wall at least 6" to 8" or furthur...

as for tipping the RB-75's on the side..... i think that would

drastically change the dispersion pattern and limit the horizontal

pattern as well as introducing reflection problems from the ceiling and


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The RB-75's are nice. If you lay them on their sides, the 90x60 array of the horn will be off. The horn is integrated into the front face, so it cannot be rotated back. It may sound just fine to you though. I'm building new cabinets for my 75's so I can hang the from the ceiling sideways. In my system they are side surrounds, so i'm not worried about the tweeter array.

Also, if you buy from Acoustic Sound Design you will get a good price, but the serial numbers will be removed and you will not have the 5 year warranty that comes with your Reference speakers. At least that was the case with the inwalls I bought from them. Other than that, they were good to deal with and the price was good also. Good luck to you.


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