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Optimum Setting Of Hi-Pass Frequency Level For Powered Subwoofer and Chorus I

Dawson's Ridge

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I plan to use a McIntosh PS112 powered subwoofer with my Chorus I speakers. The Mac unit has an adjustment to set the lowest frequency to be produced by the Chorus I. The effective range of the Mac unit can be set as high as 120Hz. oTo optimize the sound of the Chorus and the Mac sub, does anyone know the optimum point to set the floor for the Chorus I to produce bass frequency?v

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80Hz works perfectly and I would suggest nothing higher as

localizeability becomes much more of a concern as you go higher. The F3

on the chorus is right around 40Hz which gives you a solid octave for a

smoth transition. I would make sure that your crossover has a slope of

at least 12dB if not 18dB per octave.

One other approach you might consider would be to run the Chorus full

range and then adjust the crossover on the sub to come in as your mains

poop out. So this would put you right around a 40Hz crossover. The

advantage to this approach is less circuity in the signal path to your


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