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MIA Industrial LaScatas


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Hello everyone, and thanks for reading my post!!

I was unfortunately the victim of a theft of a pair of early to mid 80's Klipsch Industrial LaScala's. The theft took place on the 4th of July weekend of 1997, in Baltimore, MD. Worst of all, the speakers were not mine, but on loan from a friend, and owner of Sheffield Recordings, here in MD. Police reports were filed, however we were never able to locate any serial numbers for the units, as the company had owned 6 of them at one time, and had no idea which 2 I had. The speakers have never been recovered.

Hense, I have been looking for a pair of these things, anywhere on the east coast. I've had one lead from a posting on a newsgroup, however it never panned out. If anyone has any idea where I can find a pair of LaScalas, Industrial or otherwise, please e-mail me with any details, price, and preferable pics! Thanks in advance for your help!

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