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Why don't more subs have inputs AND outputs?


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I'd really like to upgrade to a different subwoofer such as the Sub-12. Most of the subwoofers I've been looking at don't have any RCA outputs, though. I like having the subwoofer amplify the bass and leave the rest for my HK to amplify.

I used to use the high level input/output on my sub when I had my Sony receiver hooked up because it didn't have any pre-outs.

So why don't more subwoofers have an output section?

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Because the majority in the market are connecting their subs to modern recievers that do the bass management for them (making even the crossover dial on the subwoofer obsolete).

If you're looking for something comparable to the Sub-12, then I might suggest you go take a look at the Dayton Titanic MKIII. You can get it in kit or pre-assembled. I believe the subwoofer amp that it uses has all the ins and outs that you might be looking for.

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