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analog outs on motorola cable box sounds horrid


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i have the new moto hd/dvr cable box

i have had this box hooked to an nad t-163 pre/pro for about 8 mos now.

useing the digital outs it sounds "o.k." passable for movies and if i'm lazy at a party i put on the cable music stuff

i recenty sent the nad in for a chip set upgrade and flipped four of my amps(front mains/ rear surrounds) to the analog outs on the moto and...."sssssssssssssssssssssssss"

if your not using the digital out on this box and have a digital input on your pre/ avr ect. buy the cable and make this simple upgrade.


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For what it is worth, the analog outs on my "digital cable" motorola box also sound horrid. No ground loop problem, just bad. Every time I ask when HD will be available with spdif audio outs, I get the answer of next year, or after this spring or some such it's not soon answer. Charter Cable, slow to get with the times here. Be glad you have actual digital outs.

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