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  1. in researching my screen purchase i found that as mentioned, it all boils down to what kind of projector you are going to use. if your useing DLP then most of the mid-gain screens are more than ok. if your useing LCD then things get more interesting, if its a really bright (2k lumens and up) then see DLP. (also if you can afford a really bright LCD then the cost of your screen should be a moot point) remember that most LCD's, after a good cali, will do 900 to 1000 lumens at best and to achieve acceptable brightness without giving up good black levels you should lean towards a good grey screen. i decided on a fixed Stewart Filmscreens Firehawk to go with my Sony vpl-vw12ht jay
  2. just asking , why a five channel amp? it seams that in doing so you would limit yourself from expanding to a 7.1 or larger system. (remember never say never). if its a limited space thing then i can under stand not going with a big pile of amps, but i might still suggest a 7 channel for future upgrades. as far as a brand goes im partial to NAD stuff (see my system profile) they are priced right and will rock your socks off!! im barefooted as i type this[] jay
  3. Indy, is correct on all points. my strewart firehawk fixed 110 inch 16x9 screen was $1700 if you tune the hd channels to watch non hd matierial it is better than the regular non hd broadcast. im now looking to upgrade to the new sony 1080p vpl-100. the thing that scares me about that unit is the cost of the 400 watt pure zenon bulb. $1000??[:^)] jay
  4. hey phil congrats on getting your wife on your side!! as far as your sig goes the university of nebraska recenty did a study and had an amazing breakthrough!!!! the figured out what causes little kids!!!!! p.m. me if you really want to know [] jay
  5. sorrry this reply is late first, i like to start off a little hot (thats why i suggested to use +1 on the initial set up) second, if you use a pre/pro, as i do and you have bigger amps than you need(as i do, over 10k watts peak) then the 00 reference means nothing! at 00 on my master volume my system is at 140 db+ (so why would i take all that headroom out of my system,by useing 00,at 85db, as the reference volume?) that said, how can you say that the manufacture uses 00 as the reference volume? if you have a 50 wattx 5/6/7 channels how can you compare it to a 100 wattx5/6/7 amp or 8 bridged amps at 1000+ watts 00 voume as a reference could be meant to be read as the max clean volume of a particular set up/ amp ect but to say that 00 is THE REFERENCE is silly! jay
  6. radio shack 10in 2ways fisher 15 in 3 ways poineer somethingoranothers ampex 15 in 3 ways,my first w/horns(in den now) sansui spz-99's (in the garage now) then the cornwalls and i've never looked back! jay
  7. warren buffet has a stockholder meeting in omaha once a year and nebraska furniture mart always has some new stuff just for warrens buddies. this year it was an 80 inch samsung plasma for $100,000. (with the little sign that said "if you use your mart card its only $4500 per month" lol) they sold 5 sets, even though the one they had on display had several big groups of pixles that were either red or green all the time? one part in the lower left corner looked like a big city skyline! ill stick with my front projector(lcd) jay
  8. again, welcome some discs also have the THX OPTIMIZER included it has a step by step set up that will help with the sound and picture. one disc that comes to mind is pirates of the caribbean (also not a bad movie) jay
  9. most of the advice above is correct the one thing i question is the 00 referance for your master volume.why cut yourself short(due to my room and stuff my levels are set l+1/c+2/r+2/rl+2/rr+2/rsl+3/rsr+3/sub1+3/sub2+4) and i have never come close to 00 on the master volume when watching movies i think the loudest ive had a movie is-35. i would suggest that you start with one of the main channels and set the channel level to +1 then adjust the main volume to get the 75/85 db. then move on to the rest of the channels the center and rears will most likely come in a few db higher on thier individual channel set ups(smaller speakers distance ect) this will make the most of youe available power and leave more headroom in your system then set the sub from 3 to 5 db higher than the mains and you will be closer to what things should sound like. and remember that dd and dts sound different and may require different set ups good luck! let the fun begin! jay
  10. the only issue that i can think of would be that your now exposing the internals of the amps to a lot of vibration,that can weaken solder joints ect. if you get some isobaric feet to put under that amps then i wouldnt worry. ive had amps on my corns before and use some feet made of aerospace rubbery stuff. it worked well but sucked the oils out of the wood and i had to restain them after i moved the amps if you protect the tops of the k-horns from the feet you should be fine.the feet will also keep the amps from walking off the speakers when the systems turned up and ending up on the floor. jay
  11. send me $20 and i will hold my bid!!! j/k jay
  12. hey arfandbark about the modle numbers the two that are the the desireable ones are the 2600 @ 150 wpc (bridged peaks at 1.2k watts) and the 2400 @ 100 wpc (bridged peaks @ 800 watts) check my profile jay
  13. scooter, i did just that(the compressed air thing in the lamp hole) and ended up with a green dot about an inch across, in the upper left hand corner of the picture.( only shows up when the picture is dark) after doing some research ive come to the conclusion that i have dislodged a dust partical that landed on the green chip and was wondering what to do about it jay
  14. my thoughts concerning cleaning were about going inside the unit. even with the air filter i can see some dust ect inside the unit and was wondering about this. i have had the change filter warning come on twice in three years and changed the filter at that time. should i be concerned or not? jay
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