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what AMP for KLF30


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well after another round with the old Scotch on Saturday night, I went into the Jams Room and was disappointed once again with the sound coming from my KLF30

any of you guys have anything to say about getting a Hafler P7000 AMP to drive those things.

my B&K REF 3220 is I think clipping at insane levels.

any ideas?

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well I do listen to the music Damn Loud the louder the better I think well Im still at a head on debate with myself should I replace the KLF30 or the AMP I have spoken to both Klispch and B&K and Klipsch said to replace the AMP that the AMP was causing tweets to fry and B&K said that it is possible that the amp could be bad I dont know anymore I guess Im too demanding. Im thinking about crapping the KLFs and buying some LA Scalas wondering if the B&K can play the La Scalas good enough or do I have to buy one of those tube amps too.

anyway does anyone want to buy some KLF30s always used by a little old lady.

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I'd have the B&K checked out first. If it's clipping, I don't know how you're ears are standing the stress!

But regardless of the culprit, going the heritage route would be a great move. But be warned: La Scalas will demand some serious subwoofage to get down below 50hz with authority.

Happy Jammin'!



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No no and NO

Just wait a minute here,the KLF30's are great speakers,you dont need no larger speakers.

I would try a Bryston 4B-ST or a Celeste 4250SE(if you can find it),I guarantee your ears will fail next time before these amps fry the tweeters.

If your ears dont tear from pure SPL,you are NOT a mere human. Smile.gif

Just dont use the bass and/or treble boost.This will fry most speakers in a hurry when you push the volume up.

Know you can fry K-Horns tweeters and drivers as well,just a matter of over boost and volume.I saw all kinds of drivers put to rest because of EQ abuse.

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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A Bryston Amp or a Celeste Amp

my BK REF3220 is a 3 channel amp should I replace that with a 2 channel amp and use the 3220 to drive the surrounds and the center

surrounds = RB5

Center = KLFC7

I have never heard of Celeste.

Im still waiting for 1 of the KLF tweets to return from Klipsh


I actually thought of upgrading the tweets in the 30s or maybe just adding some tweets to the room but I dont know how that will make things better.

I will look into a Bryston on Ebay I guess.

I know some of you guys love your music loud and know where Im coming from.. I hopecwm35.gif

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First dont get the EQ,it may end the life of many tweeters.And EQ are know woofer killers if not used with care.

A high quality EQ is a blessing when used only where needed.

The Bryston has control and bass that will make you wonder if there is an EQ inside.And there is none,the Bryston is like a Krell in the lower octaves.Simply amazing,and add to this midrange purity and natural highs.All perfect I think for you KLF30's.

Just try the combination.

The Celeste ( www.simaudio.com ) is another Canadian quality amplifier/pre maker.I have FIVE Celsete amps!

And I did A/B tests against the Brystons(3B,4B and 8 monoblicks)the Celeste has a magical midrange and ranks with the best SS amp(at any price).

The Celeste 4150 or 4250 if found used will bring superlative sound quality and bass control to your system.The 4150 is a 150W RMS PC and the 4250 is a 250W RMS(both double the output into 4 Ohms).And when bridged the 4150 delivers 600W RMS into 8 Ohms and the 4250 delivers 1KW RMS into 8 ohms!

The Celeste is way more then any specs,its built like a rock and will power just about any speaker.And the sonics are first class.

Read any reviews and you will not hear ONE bad opinion(unless the "review" was done by a person who never heard the amp and in insecure with the purchase of a lesser amp.

TheEAR(s) Now theears

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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Ray--There's nothing wrong with your amp, it's just running out of gas, they all do at insane levels. I used to run a Dynaco 400 into clipping running LaScalas which are more efficient and have higher output than your KLFs. Your speakers were probably into major distortion too, small format horns will distort at very high levels and the drivers in the KLFs ain't exactly top-shelf. If you like to play music insanely loud alot maybe you need different speakers, something based around large-format 1.4"-2" exit compression drivers like the Altec 288 or JBL 2446. Build something like Drew's DIY JBL rig at www.audioheritage.org

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Ray,I would also agree that you could not go wrong with the Bryston 4B-ST.Check out the reviews at www.audioreview.com .Amp has a 20year transferable warranty.

P.S. I live in Ohio and looked into buying one brand new in Canada;I would be saving over $400 by taking the hour drive north.Whats stopping me is the wife and the long wait coming back in the country(mainly wife).Ive seen many selling on Ebay for more than what I can purhase one new.

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I say go for Bryston. My home theater system is made up of KLF30's(4),C7 center. Each has thier very own Bryston 7BST THX mono block. I enjoy this combination so much that I only use the KSW15 sub for LFE on sound tracks. Don't forget about the Bryston 20 year transferable warranty. Just a little added piece of mind for your investment.

-Hammer Wink.gif

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Ray, if you like the sound of your Klipsch, then I would think your amp does need upgrading, all other things being equal, Canadian equipment has to be cheaper for you to buy -

but the amp that intrigiues me is the Monarchy SM70 with zereo feedback -

do you have a sub-woofer? that may add the punch you seek from louder volumes -

TomB, I can't find either the tent sale at the JBL Pro site or the DIY project you mention at the Altec site ...


Cornwalls & Klipsch subs; leather couch & feet up; lights out & tubes glowing!

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FWIW I just received my 2nd Monarchy SM70 and I am running them in balanced mode mono-blocked into my

K-horns...I am quite impressed to say the least! I no longer have a sweet spot, I have a sweet end of the room.

I just got them hooked up in the new configuration last night, and the 2nd amp isn't broken in yet, and I have to do a lot of listening to really form an opinion, but so far I am thrilled with the performance.


Ed W

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