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Cornwall awakening

Jeff Matthews

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My friend got his Corns this weekend for $450 delivered to his room. What a deal!

It's funny. Before he got them (and the deal was in the works), he told me about his HPM-100's and that they were good. He just remembered my Corns from many years back and wanted to get some because they should be "better."

I congratulated him, of course. Then, I asked him what he was going to do with those HPM's. He said they were good, and he'd probably run them with his Corns. I told him that once he heard the Corns, he wouldn't have any use for the HPM's anymore. He said that he knew they wouldn't be as good, but that the HPM's were still very good and definitely would be keepers.

I get a call this morning. He got his Corns. He loves them, and his HPM's will be looking for new homes. Kind of funny that way! [;)]

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