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just starting out with dvd collection


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i havnt even got my system completely installed but am starting to get ahead start on movies and concert dvd's. so far i have picked up;

saving private ryan


walk the line

fight club

pulp fiction



ac/dc stiff upper lip

eagles hell freezes over

metallica cunning stunts

led zeppelin

kiss rock the nation

any suggestion on which dvd club is best? also i would like to get some more music dvd's.

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try; www.deepdiscountdvd.com Mike L. mentioned it once,pretty good prices, good selection, oh yeah," welcome my friend to the show that never ends"................

I agree. They have great prices there, and through the next week or so if you buy any DVD and enter the code 'supersale' when you check out you'll get an additional 20% off the price of virtually every DVD they have in stock!

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I'd maybe slow down a bit. You will probably be replacing all your DVDs in the near future with HD-DVD/Blu-Ray.

Don't you think the prices of that equipment is way too high? Aren't the regular type dvd's playable in the new equipment? I see the products for sale already, I just feel the prices are insane, and I just switched from tapes to discs, now they switch discs, it just never stops......................

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it is cross compatable but the thing is that prices are high, remember 30 dollar dvds and 500 dollar dvd players! All prices drop once the consumer sales catch up. Its like computers, next months system is faster and cheaper than the one you just brought!

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