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Cheap Polk Audio R15's as a low cost surround for Quartets and an Academy?


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The efficiency of your Quartets and Academy will pretty much drown out the Polks unless you use them as headphones. [;)]

All kidding aside, $40 is cheap enough to be able to resell them if you find a pair that's better suited to your front speakers.

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To be honest with you, I'd save your money. I 'downgraded' from 5 channel + subwoofer to two channel when I bought my RF-7s. I don't regret the decision at all.

I will agree...not counting my teenage systems, and google searching makes it easy to find my systems on sale through it :(:

My first 'real' system all brand new in around 1995/6, sold due to a divorce in my mid 20's:

o Rotel RSP960 surround processor/preamp

o Rotel RB980 125watt x 2 main amp

o Rotel RB965 100x3 (40x6) center/surround amp

o Rotel RT940 AM/FM tuner

o Def Tech CLR1000 Center Speaker

o Def Tech BP20 Mains

o Def Tech BP10 Surrounds

o Marantz CC65SE limited edition CD carosel.

o Mondial Magic

o Isobar 8

o 35" Mitsubishi with some corian top (35405)...didn't like the picture though.

o Mitsubishi U560 VCR

Sold that due to a divorce to go to:

o Yamaha RX-V1050, this and the speakers were all owned by a guy for a guest room. He was a regular at the shop I bough my Rotel/Def Tech setup at. The owner of the shop was upset I had to sacrifice my gear

o Klipsch Quartets

o Klipsch Academy

o PSB 300's (surround)

o Yamaha CDC-665 (i miss that Marantz).

o Toshiba CX-32G60 32" TV

o Toshiba M-752 VCR

Then I did this when I had to move to a small apartment going back to college:

First, my for sale ad:

Wed, Dec 23 1998 12:00 am

PSB 300 speakers mounted sideways on high quality wall brackets (support up to 40 lbs I believe), mounted to speaker with screws on side and rear face for security.

Asking $175 obo for the set + shipping from West Palm Beach, Florida (stands

were ~$50 alone)

Going back to school and need money.

Next I committed an act that would not be resolved until last year (2005):

FS: Klipsch Academy, like new in box w/ manual $115+shipping.

Sun, Dec 27 1998 12:00 am

Excellent condition, real oak veneer cabinet

Freq Response: 65-20k

Sensitivity: 96dB SPL at 1 watt/1 meter

Impedance: 8 ohms

Power handling: 100 Watts continuous

Enclosure: 2 way infinite baffle


Two K-1011 KV 8" Mica impregnated Woofers

K-76-KV Tweeter, Horn in D'Appolito array 2200 Hz crossover

Original Box

33lbs (solid center)

23 1/4 " wide

11" High

12 1/4" Deep

Asking $115 obo + shipping from West Palm Beach, Florida

I sold that by 8am the next morning, buyer arrived with $175. Googled my address.

I did the 2 channel thing a long long while...from 1998 to 2005 :)

I am in another small apartment now, waiting for palm beach real estate to adjust a bit and signed on to another 7 month lease here.

My current setup is going to be (everything is either here now, or in shipment to me):

o Yamaha HTR-5960

o Yamaha CDC-665

o Dish PVR-508

o Yamakawa DVD-288k/SVGA

o Toshiba CX-32G60 (although at < $3k plasma 50" and projectors > 50" are looking pretty good for an first 'new home' upgrade).

o Toshiba M-752 VCR

o Klipsch Academy

o Klipsch Quartets

o Insignia NS-B2111's (if I don't like them, I am only out $87 (wire, mounts, speakers)

o Still have that ISOBAR 8 though :)

My whole apartment is only 500 sq feet now, the listening area is only 11x12 basically (although it opens up into the rest of the apartment on one 'wall'). My Master bedroom in my first house was bigger than this if you included the bath and closets ;). My first listening room was pushing a bit over 400sq ft. It's really probably overkill right now, soon maybe not enough.

Thanks to all the responses.


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