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LaScala and sub or K'horns?


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I am thinking of buying a set of either LaScala or Horns. The Horns would be for a bigger room in the future, the LaScala would just about fit now. I know the LaScala and am very thrilled.

My current system are Quad ESL63 plus a REL sub.

Would you suggest to get the Horns or would it be possible to add the REL if I found the bass end not pleasing after a while.

(Amps are MC 2105 and C29).

I could do with quick answers because must decide soon for or against LaScala.

Thanks for your answers


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Going from ESL63 to La Scala.... well, that's, uh, and interesting change in, er, perspective...

anywho, I have La Scalas. I use an REL Storm (original, rev 1.0 version). I am VERY happy with the way the system sounds. I would be VERY HAPPIER with KHorns, but I have no proper corners.

Biggest difference between KHorn vs La Scala/REL combo will be in lower bass. La Scalas roll off very high up for such large systems, they probably have LESS bass than your QUADs do. eek.gif So the REL is rolling in around 55 Hz. You go from the horn loaded bass to the reinforcement of the REL from there on down to 20 or so, and there's no denying that there's a different sound between the horn loaded bass and the powered sub. The KHorn will extend the horn bass down to the mid 30s if properly set up; you might find you want a sub even with KHorns.


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