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My System: An Update


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Hey, all. It's been a while since I've posted anything over here on this forum. I thought it might be time for me to chime in and give y'all an update, and a chance to offer some (constructive!) feedback on my system.

Right now my main source is still my Rotel RCD-02, though I've added a Yamaha KW-900U dual-cassette deck, too. I'm also still using my Parasound P/HP-850 preamp and my ASL Wave 8 monoblocks, though they're now powering the highs and I've added ASL Wave 20 monoblocks to power the lows. I've also gone to Signal Cable Analog 1 interconnects throughout except from the Rotel to the Parasound where I'm using a pair of Outlaw copper interconnects with the locking RCA connectors.

Now all I'm going to do (haha...) is add a tuner fo some type and replace my Radio Shack speaker wire with something a little more worthy.

I also just rearranged my room here recently which has allowed me to greatly improve the placement of my speakers, though I'm definitely a n00b when it comes to placement and I've got a lot of tweaking left to do in that regard.

If you'd like to see some pictures of my system, you can check out a thread I started on another forum I frequent. Most of the pictures are in the first post.


I wanna go ahead and apologize for any typos in this post, as I'm typing from a computer at school and it's incredibly slow! I mean, I type about three words and then they show up. So I'm not even going to bother with correcting the typos...ti's taken me long enough to compose it the start with!

Any comments/advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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Thanks for the comments, fellas.

Yeah, I'm most definitely into cars. That's my 'passion'.

Being 18, I haven't tapped into that at all, but I can eat/sleep/dream

cars 24/7. From a '55 Belair, '69 Camaro, '71 Chevelle, and '66

Cobra, to an '87 Grand National, '84 911, F50, Carrera GT, Pagani

Zonda, etc. I could go on an on...:D

I think I would LOVE to 4-wheel, but I've only taken my Jeep off-road

twice so far. And, obviously, my avatar pic was taken on one of those

occasions. If the budget allowed, off the top of my head I can

think of about $3,000 or so worth of off-road gear I'd love to get for

it, but I don't know if she could handle the riggers of

off-roading. I'm really beating her into the groudn everyday I

drive her on the road...I need to let up and go easy on her...I love

her too much to kill her...

Anyhoo, cassettes. Yeah, I love cassettes. Not really that

I like them over CD's, just that I have so many tapes from when I was

young that's some of my favorite stuff, that I HAVE to have a tape

player. Yeah, I could be interested in some more. You have

anything available?


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